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Rough Acres Water Sale Cancelled

As the water company indicated in early 2015, the planned sale of water to Rough Acres Water Company was cancelled due to the decision of Soitec to not pursue their solar project. In February 2016, Rough Acres also notified PVMWC of their decision to cancel the mutual aid agreement with Pine Valley due to changing water needs.

PVR Improvements

The Company recently completed improvement work for the water system that supplies the Pine Valley Rancheros Subdivision. Phase 1 of the work included the replacement of curb stop control valves at each meter as well as customer gate valves and meters where needed. In addition each meter box was replaced and the 8″ main line valves on Rocky Pass were replaced. After the replacement work was completed, each meter box, valve cap, and hydrant was repainted. Phase II included the rebuild of the PVR pump station’s #2 pump motor. Phase II concluded with the refurbish of the underground pump station’s interior piping. Phase III addressed the draining, inspection, and minor repairs to the interior coating of the 1/2 million gallon thank that feeds the subdivisions. The project concluded with the cleaning, disinfection, refilling and return of the tank to full service. The work conducted for the 3 phases of this project was completely paid for with funds collected as part of the Repair and Replacement Charge that is collected through our bi-monthly billing. No debt was incurred as a result.

#4 Tank Improvements

In January of 2010 Company personnel inspected the interior of the 1/2 million gallon tank off of Old Highway 80. As a result, coating repairs were made through the use of spot sand blasting and epoxy patch coating. The Company strives to do as much work as possible in-house thereby reducing the cost to it’s customers. In addition to the coating repairs, there was also valve replacement work conducted at the tank. The tank was placed back in service in May. The Company schedules this type of inspection or maintenance on an annual basis to at least one of the Company’s four steel tanks. Pro-active and preventative maintenance allows the Company to keep it’s storage tanks in good condition thereby extending their expected life expectancy which saves the Company financially as well.




A-Frame Replacement Project

We recently replaced a 150′ section of 6″ steel pipe which spans Pine Creek Canyon. The original structure was constructed in 1960. The pipeline transfers water from three of our meadow wells to the rest of the Meadow Well Field and then on to our Distribution System. The new pipe has an internal epoxy coating to ensure its longevity and strength. Company personnel participated in the project, along with our contractor, Hidden Valley Pump Systems Inc., in an effort to keep the cost of the project as low as possible. Below are some pictures of the job as it was in progress.